About Saint Stanislaus Kostka School


Welcome to the Saint Stanislaus Kostka School, a Catholic elementary school that is a part of the Diocese of Brooklyn, serving the Maspeth community since 1930.

A commitment to teaching as Jesus did is the hallmark of Saint Stanislaus School. Our instruction incorporates the values and teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, as well as New York State standards of education. Basic skills are taught to achieve academic excellence, while at the same time we foster the spiritual, intellectual, emotional, social and physical development of students. Each child is encouraged to think, to question, and to mature so that he/she will become a lifelong learner and an active and responsible Christian citizen.

Our Mission

The Board of Pastors of Saint Stanislaus Kostka, Holy Cross, and Transfiguration Parishes believe that Saint Stanislaus Kostka School is an integral part of the evangelization of Maspeth community. We provide for the education of the children in an atmosphere of academic excellence while handing on our Catholic faith. Knowledge and its application to everyday life are the attributes in both the human and the Christian wisdom that we seek to impart to the students.

Teaching as Jesus did, with respect, sensitivity, compassion and concern, guides the Board of Pastors, the Principal, and the Faculty of Saint Stanislaus Kostka School. Parents are the primary educators of their children, and Saint Stanislaus Kostka School assists them in fulfilling this responsibility by maintaining ongoing and open communication.